CORE-FILL 500™ is aminoplast foam, and it is the #1 specified and installed foam in the country.

CORE-FILL 500™ foam is a superior insulation material that is commonly used in both commercial and residential masonry construction, and it is also an excellent choice when used as a retro-fit into an existing masonry structure.

 Typical applications include:
  • Masonry block walls
  • Cavity fill
  • Retrofit into existing masonry structures
  • Sound deadening acoustical insulation
  • Creates a stable environment for the interior

No surface preparation is required. The two-part foam is mixed inside the applicators insulation gun and is applied continuously from the hose. One of the biggest advantages of CORE-FILL 500™ is that it is typically installed after all wall sections have been completed. This allows the brick or block mason to work uninterrupted, thus shortening construction times and costs.

Suggested Uses

CORE-FILL 500™ is an essential part of any construction project that values long-term energy savings and acoustic shielding. It has been specified again and again by architects for such prominent companies as Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Winn-Dixie, Safeway, Kroger, Eckerds, Food Lion, Tractor Supply, Sam’s, Costco, Staples, WinCo Foods, Lowes Hardware, Advance Auto and Discount Auto Parts. It has been used in schools, churches, prisons, banks, hospitals and many residential properties use CORE-FILL 500™. Whenever you need to achieve the maximum insulation performance in a masonry wall, you need to use CORE-FILL 500™ Foam Insulation.

Usage Notes

Although easily applied and light in weight, CORE-FILL 500™ is not recommended for ceiling or attic applications. It will not support compressive loads, nor should it be used for flotation.

Performance characteristics

CORE-FILL 500™ is a Class A building material for use in concrete masonry blocks, brick cavity wall systems and for cavity spaces between 2 masonry walls. This foam is a semi solid as it leaves the installation nozzle, and is pushed by air to fill all voids within the wall. It will also seal all air penetrations it encounters, making the building’s environment more stable and decreases the workload of the Air Conditioning and Heating units. This foam will “set” quickly into a solid, and it fully cures in a matter of hours. After it fully cures, the material dries to a consistency of a cross between Styrofoam and sponge rubber. Effectively turning the structure into a well-insulated ice chest.


CORE-FILL 500™ offers proven performance as an insulating material. It combines a superior R – Value with the unique ability to completely fill and seal all voids-a true advantage when dealing with masonry construction.

CORE-FILL 500™ deadens sound very efficiently, and because it is applied under pressure, the foam fills irregular spaces with ease. CORE-FILL 500™ does not settle or escape if a penetration in the wall is made (unlike loose-fill insulation products), thus remaining effective for the life of the building.

Most importantly, it is cost-competitive with any other masonry insulation method. In addition, CORE-FILL 500™ complies with relevant codes and standards (SBBCI, BOCA, ICBO, DOE, HUD, EPA, ASTM and others). Since it contains no polystyrenes, polyisocyanurate, polyurethane or petrochemicals, it offers superior fire safety characteristics and is eco – friendly.

Since CORE-FILL 500™ fills and seals all voids, it takes away places for insects and small rodents to live. Also, once the wall is full, it gets rid of the hollow echo chamber that was within the wall, thus reducing the noise level inside the home significantly.

1. A series of small holes are drilled into the morter joints every 8″

2. The foam expands and flows through the entire cavity and web. 

3. Holes are patched once the walls are properly filled. 



  • Save Energy and reduces utility bills
  • Excellent sound abatement
  • Seals all air penetrations
  • Increase the comfort level inside the home
  • Fills spaces used by pests and rodents