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Residential Uses

N-R-G Foam has installed CORE-FILL 500™  into hundreds of condominiums, town houses, custom homes and assisted-living facilities throughout the Southwest.


CORE-FILL 500™  Foam Insulation is an excellent choice for the insulation of a block home. The R-Value for the block alone can be as high as twenty. As part of a complete wall insulation system, CORE-FILL 500™  will help achieve the highest possible R-Values for your wall. Retro-fitting CORE-FILL 500™ into an older masonry home is an easy process. Most of the older masonry homes in Arizona have no insulation in the block at all.

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CORE-FILL 500™  is an excellent insulation for use in buildings with shared interior walls, it can offer an STC Rating of as high as 60.


When the interior walls are insulated, less noise is transferred through the wall. A wall completely filled with sand has a STC rating of

approximately 53.


Installation is fast thanks to our expert staff, and retro fitting is easy.



CORE-FILL 500™  can be retrofitted into any existing block structure. Core-fill 500 fills the cavities completely, helping to keep rodents and insects out, and keeping a stable environment inside the structure.


Installation of CORE-FILL 500™  is fast and efficient, thanks to our experienced and certified crews. The product is installed through a series of 5/8" holes drilled into a mortar joint. After job completion, the holes are then patched and left ready for paint or other finish.


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