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Insulation Process

Our expert, certified installers at NRG Foam make the insulation process quick and easy. Our job begins once the wall is complete. This allows the masonry contractor to focus on building the wall. Once the masonry is complete, we come in and easily insulate the block walls.


We begin by drilling a lineal series of 5 / 8" holes into the mortar joint at approximately 4 foot from finished floor. When the foam is injected into the cavity, it flows throughout the wall. Horizontally, vertically and diagonally; the foam fills the entire interior structure of the wall. This insures that all voids within the wall are filled by the foam. The foam will be filled to approximately 15 feet from finished floor, and then, depending on the wall height. Another set of holes may be necessary to fill the wall completely to the top.

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CORE-FILL 500™  foam insulation dries into a solid with the consistency of a cross between sponge rubber and Styrofoam. This means, unlike loose fill insulation, CORE-FILL 500™  won't move once it is installed.


You can cut into the wall and remove sections of the insulation without worrying about losing any more of your insulation. CORE-FILL 500™  will never settle into any cavities in your wall. It will remain at the same level for the life of your wall.

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Learn more about our CORE-FILL 500™  foam insulation. CORE-FILL 500™  has many advantages over loose fill insulation and is trusted by engineers and architects everywhere.


Our services are available for both residential and commercial applications.


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Learn more about our services and CORE-FILL 500™  Foam Insulation

Benefits of Foam Insulation for Block Masonry

•  Save energy reduce utility bill

• Protect against pests that hide in your walls

• Sound Abatement

• Seals all air penetration

• Creates a stable environment inside the structure

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